June 18, 2019

Connect (X) Recap 2019

As the hype around 5G continues to build, so does the industry’s focus towards creating devices capable of meeting infrastructure needs and reducing associated costs. This momentum was apparent at the recent Connectivity Expo (Connect (X)) where telecom industry leaders came together to discuss upcoming wireless challenges and solutions.

Our team attended the event, showcasing our latest ADXV distributed antenna systems (DAS) and SDR-ICS repeaters, as well as our CBRS-compliant products which pair perfectly with OnGo and CBRS band deployments. During the pre-conference, there was a half-day dedicated to discussing all things CBRS and what it means for different verticals such as the Internet of Things, healthcare, real estate, and many more as it allows access to private LTE.

In addition to the buzz around CBRS capabilities, cost efficiency was also a popular talking point for many attendees. This comes as no surprise, considering issues such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) currently shift a lot of initial wireless costs from the carrier to the enterprise, and new 5G network deployments will be expensive. At ADRF, we work hard to make our in-building solutions cost-efficient. Our flexible and scalable solutions enable enterprises to lower cost of ownership as they only invest in what they need today by designing a simple, future-proof system.

Our Director of Business Development, Greg Najjar, also spoke on a panel titled “Neutral Host: Infrastructure, Ownership and Service Models.” Greg and his fellow panelists including Allan Tantillo, Vice President of New Technologies Vertical Bridge, and Nicholas Stello, Senior Vice President Vornado Realty Trust, discussed infrastructure needs for in-building wireless in the enterprise, property, and campus venues. The panel touched on the growing role of third-party integrators and neutral hosts as they empower commercial properties and enterprises with wireless solutions. Attendees left the panel with valuable insights on implementing and managing a successful in-building network deployment.

The next wave of deployments will require an expanded community of network infrastructure to usher in the new connectivity era of 5G and CBRS. Connect (X) presented us, and all industry stakeholders, with valuable perspectives into the future of wireless!

The recent Connectivity Expo (Connect (X)), event showcasing our latest ADXV and SDR-ICS repeaters.