Ensuring reliable wireless coverage in planes, trains and automobiles.


Over 1.3 million business travelers pass through transportation hubs each day, depending on reliable wireless connectivity to stay productive while on the go. In addition, first responders, departments of transportation and daily commuters also rely on uninterrupted wireless coverage. However, airports, light rails, highway tunnels, and other transportation hubs are complex venues with the a diverse and demanding set of in-building coverage and capacity requirements. These spaces are often challenging topologies that have high ceilings, wide-open areas or are located in harsh environments that present a challenge to designing and deploying reliable wireless service.


ADRF offers the industry’s simplest, most intuitive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to enable the fastest, easiest, most cost effective deployment for any transportation system. ADRF’s DAS has a wide variety of output powers and patented software functions to provide sophisticated, optimized coverage even in hybrid indoor/outdoor designs typical of airports and transit systems. The ultra-modularity of our DAS supports all of the Wireless Service Providers (WSP) as well as all public safety frequency bands including VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz in one unified solution.

ADRF’s comprehensive portfolio of industry leading DAS solutions are ideal to enable transit system administrators to deliver clear communication for passengers in any airport, subway, tunnel, or highway.

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