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Utilities require interference-free radio spectrum to operate the wireless components of their networks. These networks support the reliable and safe delivery of essential utility services, from electricity to water and natural gas. Because of the criticality of utility services, their networks must need robust and resilient, as they are used to allow utility crews to communicate to restore service after natural disasters or other prolonged outages. However, broadband performance is limited in challenging radio frequency environments with high noise and significant obstructions, which are typical in many industrial facilities.


ADRF offers in-building solutions for both commercial and public safety including 900 MHz which is commonly used in utility industry. ADRF is also a member of Anterix Active Ecosystem Program and the only distributed antenna systems (DAS) manufacturer that offers 900 MHz band (896 - 901 MHz / 935 - 940 MHz) certified with Anterix. ADRF's ADXV DAS is the industry’s simplest, most intuitive system to enable the fastest, easiest, most cost effective deployment for any Energy, Power & Utility venue.

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