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Property owners and managers are facing an unprecedented challenge in today’s commercial real estate market. The explosion of smartphone usage means tenants demand that the buildings they occupy will have reliable wireless connection everywhere. However, there are numerous challenges associated with equipping commercial buildings with wireless solutions such as: the rising trend of employees bringing their own devices and multi-tenant buildings needing the support of all major wireless carrier networks. Providing adequate cellular coverage in these spaces becomes all the more difficult when the diverse structures of the buildings (steel, concrete, glass) is taken into account, as often times RF frequencies cannot penetrate through these materials.


ADRF has a long history of solving these issues for commercial real estate clients providing the same carrier-grade equipment that Tier I network carriers use in their networks. Sophisticated yet cost-effective, our Active Fiber DAS, repeaters, and other industry-leading equipment enable a rich wireless experience throughout any building or corporate campus. ADRF’s solutions meet the need for complete, clear, reliable coverage no matter the size or shape of the office or the number of different service providers your building’s tenants use. Flexible and easy to install with minimal disruption, ADRF’s solutions can grow and change with structural or service needs.

Like electricity, water, and HVAC, robust in-building wireless coverage is not a “Nice-To-Have” but, rather, a key “Must-Have” for building owners, property managers, and tenants.

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