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Having reliable wireless coverage on university campuses is an imperative for both education and safety. According to McGraw-Hill, 81% of students use their mobile devices to study. Security and emergency personnel also depend on code-compliant coverage on multiple frequency bands for two-way radio and emergency communication. Outfitting universities with wireless coverage presents a unique set of challenges. Most campuses are made up of buildings of various shapes, sizes,
 and materials such as brick and steel which stop the transmission of wireless signals. Adding to the difficulty of having dependable wireless coverage, is the fact that many universities are keen on preserving the original aesthetics and architecture of their buildings.


ADRF’s DAS and repeaters solutions meet the need for complete, clear, reliable coverage throughout a college campus, taking into account the necessity for wireless coverage in underground areas, on-campus stadiums or arenas, and parking structures. Our solutions are flexible and easy to install with minimal disruption, and can scale as your structural or service needs change. Students, faculty, security personnel, visitors, and first responders can always stay connected with ADRF’s wireless solutions.

ADRF equipment will meet all coverage and capacity challenges at major universities as their expectations for wireless coverage for both commercial service as well as public safety on campus are becoming a need to have, not a nice to have.

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