ADRF Solutions

ADRF provides a unique solution suited to each structure’s needs.


Distributed Antenna System (DAS) are commonly used to improve wireless coverage in venues varying in size from small to high-capacity. DAS’ ability to support multiple carriers and frequencies as well as all commercial and public safety spectrums mark it unique among the multitude of other wireless coverage solutions available on the market. ADRF’s DAS solution is all the more remarkable because of its modularity and flexibility which make it future proof, allowing for growth and expansion in the future depending on your needs.

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ADRF has a full suite of RF repeaters, providing off-the-shelf solutions that are ready to be shipped and delivered to your location when you need them with zero lead time. ADRF’s repeaters are widely recognized as the industry gold standard for performance and quality. Our repeaters solutions are unparalleled in performance, ensuring superior filtering, power efficiency and reliability. They are flexible and scalable, eliminating the need for complicated configuration and optimization.

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Our comprehensive suite of antenna solutions ensure maximum performance, supporting all wireless technologies and a wide range of public and commercial frequencies. ADRF’s antennas are designed to uniquely address the needs of both indoor and outdoor coverage. They range from small, wideband in-building omnidirectional antennas to outdoor high-isolation antennas well suited to challenging oscillation-prone environments.

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ADRF offers a wide variety of passive components that perfectly complement our repeater, antenna, and DAS solutions. We place the same effort and care into designing these components as we do our other products. This way, we are able to offer an integrated wireless solution of the highest quality and functionality, in which all of the different pieces, from large to small, are compatible with one another. Our customers never have to worry about any incompatibility issues between solution equipment pieces.

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