ADRF Repeaters

Seamless wireless coverage both in and outside of buildings.

SDR-ICS Series

ADRF’s SDR-ICS-43 is a revolutionary high-power digital repeater that combines the benefits of the most popular in-building repeater, SDR
Series, and the best-in-class high-power outdoor repeater, ICS Series. The modular structure supports any combination of quad-band service in one body and each module is self-sufficient, making it the most flexible
and cost-efficient high-power repeater solution.

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SDR Series

The SDR’s modular design and sophisticated digital filtering helps reject adjacent carrier signals, making it the next generation RF repeater solution. This series is perfect for venues where voice and data coverage are limited. The user-friendly GUI makes configuring the unit quick and accurate while AGC, oscillation detection, and overload shutdown features help your network maintain the highest levels of performance. The SDR series also supports both local connection via DHCP or remote connection via external wireless modem, allowing you to monitor your extended network at any time.

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ICS Series

The ICS series is the perfect cost-effective solution for outdoor coverage extension needs, guaranteeing quick and seamless wireless coverage. This solution’s adjustable gain and output power ensures wireless coverage in even the most remote locations. The ICS series can also be used as a fundamental network element in the initial network rollout stage or added to a network in subsequent stages to improve or expand wireless service coverage. And, with remote access, you can receive alarm notifications or make minor adjustments from anywhere on the globe.

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PSR Series

In times of emergency, seamless and reliable communication is crucial for the safety of first responders and building occupants alike. The PSR series’ revolutionary design incorporates the use of digital filtering technology (DSP) to help eliminate adjacent channel interference, guaranteeing quick and dependable communication This solution also allows for band selectivity, supporting public safety frequencies via ADRF’s celebrated web-based GUI which provides versatility and total control to the user.

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