March 23, 2020

SI Spotlight: D.A.S Integrators

The ‘SI Spotlight’ recognizes ADRF’s system integrator partners through ongoing surveys from our engineers and sales teams. The goal is to highlight system integrators that have proven their ability to overcome challenging deployments. 

We are thrilled to spotlight D.A.S. Integrators (DASi) for their work with various venue types such as hospitals, airports, hotels, malls, stadiums, convention centers, and resorts across the mountainous region in the United States.

Since 2009, DASi has specialized in In-Building Public Safety Radio Amplification, and Cellular and Wireless Solutions, and their engineering staff has worked closely with general and electrical contractors, developers, and fire marshals to install over 600 DAS. In fact, Paul Cho, the founder of DASi founded the company after observing the critical importance of first responder communication during 9/11.john

Throughout the integration process, their expertise allows them to provide radio frequency consulting and testing, system design and full integration of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for single or multi-carrier systems, such as ADRF’s ADXV DAS. Apart from commercial deployments, DASi also understands the public safety needs of buildings and their public safety integrations are always up to date with the local fire ordinances. 

Most notably, DASi recently provided commercial and public safety coverage for a 500,000 square foot federal government campus with a multi-carrier DAS for all carriers. The deployment was executed in multiple phases, using ADRF’s ADXV DAS and had a mixture of high and mid-power ADXV remotes and public safety remotes to provide robust wireless coverage throughout the campus. Not only do they provide exceptional connectivity deployments, but they also provide educational meetings and presentations to ensure organizations are up to date on the latest ordinances, construction requirements and methods.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with DASi on future integrations to ensure success in installing the best connectivity solution for their unique projects.