March 12, 2024

CTS Celebrates Their Design Center’s 10 Year Anniversary!

ADRF has been a leader in developing best-in-class DAS and repeater solutions for nearly a quarter century now, and even with great products, you need great system integrators (SI) to convey that value to the end customer and deploy it appropriately. One of our longest and strongest SI relationships is with CTS (Communication Technology Services, LLC), and we are excited to join in celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Design Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

CTS often works with many sports arenas, hospitality venues, government buildings, medical facilities, and transportation hubs to provide in-building connectivity solutions, solving some of the most complex network challenges. CTS’ Design Center plays a crucial role in the success of these high-profile projects by operating 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  CTS’ design team has been offering services such as floor-by-floor-level RF design, 3D modeling, cable plant wireframes, and RF heat maps for 10 years now, and we hear amazing feedback from all telecom service providers across the country.

One of the largest deployments ADRF collaborated with CTS on was the installation of ADRF’s ADXV DAS at the Coachella Music Festival, the largest outdoor music festival in the United States. Their proficiency in adapting implementations to highly diverse environments was one of the key factors behind this selection.

We are excited to continue our collaboration with CTS, outfitting spaces ranging from sports and hospitality venues to government and medical facilities and transportation hubs, thereby extending customers’ access to major carriers across the United States.  ADRF is looking forward to working closely with CTS’ design team for another 10 years!

To learn more about CTS’s design center, click here.