August 22, 2022

Celebrating 23 Years in the Wireless Industry

This week, ADRF is excited to celebrate 23 years of business! It’s been an incredible journey contributing to wireless industry evolution for nearly a quarter century from the early days of 3G to now 5G—which will usher in a new wave of innovation across industries.

We take great pride in consistently remaining a top provider of the DAS and repeater solutions enabling indoor and outdoor wireless connections, especially as it becomes increasingly critical for businesses and first responders.

We’ve seen plenty of change and growth in both the public safety and commercial side of wireless since we were founded in 1999. Public safety communication has greatly matured and become more aligned with a mobile carrier’s core brand. It began with the creation of Firstnet, AT&T’s nationwide public safety network, followed by Verizon’s Frontline nationwide network and T-Mobile’s Connecting Heroes free unlimited plan for first responders. Once considered a quiet giant in the wireless ecosystem, public safety now has a big presence to match, and we couldn’t be more proud to support all U.S. carrier frequency bands to meet the needs of any jurisdiction or building.

On the commercial side, we look forward to our continued work with carriers, systems integrators and neutral host operators to help businesses and venues implement 5G solutions that will change the way they communicate and operate. We have been fortunate to work with the best partners to expand wireless coverage and capacity for some of the most notable venues from high-end mix-use developments like New York’s Hudson Yards, to sports stadiums and even the annual Coachella Music Festival.

The key to our success over the years is rooted in our employees’ passion for creating new in-building products for the ever-changing wireless ecosystem—but it doesn’t end there. Connectivity between our team members is just as important as the connections we build for our partners and customers.

As such, we have asked some of our employees in various departments to share some of their favorite memories of ADRF, ranging from favorite projects to favorite memories of bond-building between teammates. 

Andrew Long, Fulfillment Manager

One of my favorite moments was getting to work on the ADXV DAS for the Coachella Music Festival as well as managing all phases of the project in Fulfillment. I’ve been an attendee of Coachella since 2010 and it has a very special place in my heart. Knowing that I’m part of the team that was successful in providing cellular coverage at the festival is always going to be one of my favorite career highlights.

I really enjoy the multitude of challenges that come my way, as well as working hard with my team to ensure we hit all deadlines and doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals. I love working with technology and learning something new every day about the RF industry. I love our commitment to our clients as well as the never-ending communication our teams embody. Also, working with co-workers that have great senses of humor makes our culture unique and fun.

I have been with ADRF for 9 years. I love getting my hands dirty with technology and constantly learning the ins and outs of the wireless industry. I’ve been working with a great team for years that I get along with and always staying fascinated and curious has made working with ADRF a career milestone for me.

Mike Jones, Regional Sales Manager

I have been with ADRF for over 15 years, and my favorite moments are all related to how quickly our team has always been able to mobilize to meet customer needs despite rigorous Quality Control processes — most notably with the high profile Coachella Festival and Seattle Tunnel project in Washington.

I love that ADRF has always trusted me to work remotely and still help our company grow and thrive (well before the pandemic where this became commonplace). Our company culture is about being highly detailed and always finding ways to improve the experience for our customers. I have been at ADRF for such a long time, in part, because of our customers’ continued appreciation and loyalty and, in part, because we strive to keep changing with the demands of the telecom industry.

Myra Langren, Inside Sales

It is almost impossible to choose my favorite moment. I earnestly find something to enjoy every day at ADRF. The satisfaction that comes with shipping an enormous order is pretty high up on the list! I love working with everyone on the team! I really cannot overstate how wonderful it is to work with this group of people. All of us are a close-knit group and we genuinely care about one another and give the best every single day. 

I enjoy ADRF culture more than any other job I’ve ever held. I feel like my employers, and the company overall, truly care about me as a person. If someone has more work than the others, we band together to distribute that work evenly. We’re efficient and prepared to roll with the punches.

Steven Lui, Marketing Specialist

One of my favorite moments while working here was when I just started at the company we went to Universal Studios and I did magic for my coworkers while waiting in line. I really like the creative freedom I have in my role to come up with eye-catching graphics and I look forward to seeing what outlandish designs I will come up with next.