November 10, 2022

ADRF Launches New DAS C-band Solution for Indoor 5G Networks

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Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF), the largest pure-play distributed antenna system (DAS) and repeater provider, announced the launch of its new ADXV DAS C-band solution and the SDRX C-band repeater.

The solutions allow mobile carriers, building owners, system integrators, and neutral hosts to bring ubiquitous 5G coverage for buildings and venues of every size.

The ADXV DAS C-band modules include mid-power remote (MPR) and high-power remote (HPR) options supporting C-band frequencies ranging from 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz. It can be deployed standalone or added seamlessly to an existing ADXV DAS chassis for an easy upgrade path from 4G/LTE systems.

The new SDRX C-band repeater supports frequency ranges from 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz and can be mounted on a rooftop, sidewall, or pole to bring 5G coverage for small to medium size buildings in busy metropolitan areas as well as highways or isolated rural areas.

The ADXV DAS C-band solution features include:

 – Supports power sharing of multiple carriers’ signals via configurable grouped POI units

 – Supports 600MHz, 700MHz + Band14, Cellular + SMR800, SMR900 + Paging, PCS, AWS, WCS, BRS (TD-LTE/5GNR and FDD-LTE) and C-Band (TDD)

 – Daisy-chain and monitor up to 15 Head Ends with an Ethernet hub

 – Web-based GUI and connectivity via DHCP (in host mode)

 – Supports dry contact alarming

 – Both AC and DC power supply options available

 – SMB (snap-on) interconnections for quick installation

The SDRX C-band repeater features include:

 – Standalone repeater with 2×2 MIMO capability (requires 2 units to support 4×4)

 – 5G NR support with two 60~100MHz channel filters

 – 85 dB system gain for maximal coverage distance

 – 36/36 dBm of composite DL/UL maximum output power

 – IP66 rating and passive cooling for outdoor applications

 – Intuitive and easy to use web-based GUI

 – Support for external wireless modem for remote control and alarming