July 3, 2018

Recognizing our System Integrators

Systems Integrators play a critical role in making ADRF successful, taking our hardware and oftentimes, identifying ways to incorporate it into connectivity solutions that we’d never even considered. This might mean coming up with unique ways to disguise hardware, or solving a previously unsolvable connectivity issue.

As such, we’re going to start honoring excellence and innovation among our integrator partners and will begin to cast a monthly spotlight on an integrator that’s done something truly unique.

Each month we will announce ‘The Deployment of the Month’, where we’ll be looking to show instances of ingenuity, uniqueness, and scale of the project as well as excellent services of integrator partners.

Winners will be featured on our blog and social media sites throughout the month, ideally after conducting an interview with the system integrator partner and/or enterprise clients, and we hope to incorporate pictures or videos of what’s unique.

We think this is a fun way to recognize the unsung heroes in the telecom market and to highlight the value we see in our systems integrator partnerships.

Keep an eye out for our first SI of the Month!