March 21, 2023

Time to Take Action Around PSERN: Are You Prepared?

Frontline workers and first responders across the country rely on in-building public safety radio networks, created by Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems, to assist with protecting civilians during emergencies. Of course, after a certain number of years it’s time to replace those old systems and start new. Government agencies often lead the charge to replace outdated systems, and a clear example of this is occuring in Washington State with the PSERN project.

What is PSERN?

The Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) is an emergency public safety radio system that is set to replace the King County Emergency Communications System (KCERCS) in Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas. The voter-approved initiative is expected to be fully completed and implemented by 2023. By deploying PSERN, first responders such as firefighters and law enforcement will be able to communicate more effectively across the region. 

Why is PSERN important? 

Currently, there are four separate KCERCS radio operators: City of Seattle, ValleyCom Cities, EPSCA Cities, and King County. Although the operators maintain the system together, equipment and staff are handled individually resulting in decentralization. All parties agree that a unified system is needed to adequately support the work of frontline and emergency responders in the area. Replacing the 25-year old radio network will guarantee robust public safety communication in all areas of a building and address a long overdue need. 

What Does this Mean for Property Owners?

As a result, property owners will need to contract approved systems integrators to ensure they have compliant ERCES equipment or commission a new one beginning April of this year. The months-long process will require building owners to assess current equipment and provide proof of its compliance with the PSERN specifications. Otherwise, a new ERCES installation will be required. Aside from it being a positive change for the citizens of Seattle, it is a boon for system integrators. They need to make sure they are prepared with an understanding of how to assess and secure compliant equipment.

ADRF solutions proudly comply with all the requirements of PSERN, which will help properties stay up-to-date and in compliance.

Interested in learning more about the specifications of PSERN? Download our PSERN Guidebook.