June 25, 2019

SI Spotlight: Recognizing CTS

The ‘SI Spotlight’ recognizes ADRF’s system integrator partners through ongoing surveys from our customers, engineers and sales teams. The goal is to highlight system integrators that have proven their ability to overcome challenging deployments.

We are proud to spotlight Communication Technology Services (CTS) for their exceptional work outfitting a variety of spaces ranging from sports and hospitality venues to government and medical facilities and transportation hubs. Adapting implementations to highly diverse environments is one of the reasons they were chosen to deploy ADRF’s ADXV DAS for the largest outdoor music festival in the United States. Through projects such as these, their unparalleled, hands-on dedication to customers shines through and shows why CTS is a systems integrator telecom service providers continue to rely on.

During the implementation of the festival’s outdoor venue, CTS was responsible for creating blanket coverage to support over 120,000 festival-goers daily by accounting for the venue’s various art and stage landscapes and volatile weather conditions, such as high winds & extreme desert temperatures, that tend to disrupt cellular service or quickly overheat the equipment. To optimize the deployment, CTS utilized the venue’s network data from 2018 to best understand the venue’s needs and thus enhance the coverage and capacity to support attendee data needs for the year 2019. 

With the data at hand, CTS worked with us to create a neutral host Distributed Antenna System (DAS) using our ADXV head end and high power remotes. CTS had to ensure each antenna was properly spaced to prevent conflicting signals that may otherwise have hindered the venue’s robust coverage, splitting the venue’s system into 82 MIMO sectors and 148 remotes units. At the festival, attendees had access to the US’s major carriers across 700MHz, 850MHz, PCS, AWS, and WCS frequency bands to support voice, a high volume of video sharing, as well as being capable of supporting the event’s companion app and added digital experiences. Additionally, CTS and the venue owner benefit from using the ADXV fiber system in the future as it is a scalable, cost-effective option that allows integrators to easily add additional frequency bands, carrier signals, and future technologies with new modules.

CTS’s deployment at the festival made countless event attendees extremely happy with their cellular service! We look forward to continuing to work with CTS on its future integrations and congratulate them on their role in bringing the US’s largest music festival to life. 

We are proud to spotlight Communication Technology Services (CTS)!