November 14, 2018

IoT Use Cases Dominate Mobile World Congress Americas

Partnerships will Drive IoT Successes

On IotAgenda, our own Greg Najjar discussed some of the key takeaways from Mobile World Congress Americas. In discussing Verizon and AT&T, he highlighted some of the potential requirements for hardware and software partnerships as smart cities are brought to life.

It isn’t just major mobile carriers forming value-added partnerships, as the telecom space has long been built on the idea of complementary companies working together. For ADRF, we’ve been fortunate to develop lasting relationships with numerous companies that complement our hardware solutions.

One such company is Sirqul, which provides an analytics platform that’s used in a number of IoT implementations ranging from smarter factories to stadiums, to help its users make better sense of the data they can gather.

Sirqul’s founder and CEO Robert Frederick will join Greg on stage at the upcoming IoTEvolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale to demonstrate how hardware and software can work together to improve guest experiences.  

This is one of two talks Greg will be giving (the other is a case study on a massive public safety installation). Hope to see you at the show!