November 24, 2021

Connect (X) & MWCLA 2021: Emerging in the Wireless Industry Again

As the return to in-person wireless events continues, our team attended both Connect (X) and Mobile World Congress Los Angeles (MWC LA) last month. Virtually uniting the wireless industry was a great experience, however, we’ve enjoyed connecting with partners and customers again in-person.

This year’s Connect (X) conference included a plethora of informative guest speakers, covering topics such as in-building wireless, the changing future of 5G, connected vehicles and more. We enjoyed partaking in meaningful discussions about the future of connectivity and industry innovations we’re seeing today. ADRF’s very own CTO, Andrew Jun, presented a panel on “What 5G Means for In-Building Connectivity” alongside representatives from real-estate firm CBRE.

Connect (X) also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity by discussing the benefits of working together in the wireless industry. We got the chance to attend the opening ceremony  as well as sessions on the state of the wireless infrastructure industry. It felt surreal to be able to chat with familiar faces about the past two years over a beer in warm breezy weather in Orlando, Florida. 

Couple weeks later, on the side of the country, in Los Angeles, California, we had a chance to meet with many of the partners and clients in the western region at the MWC LA.. This year’s show included exciting sessions, like one from Boingo on driving innovation through IoT and connected business sectors. Our team was thrilled to have the chance to connect with many partners who we couldn’t meet for months, as well as LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti!

5G has been a hot topic across the wireless industry for half a decade, but after almost two years away from demos and shows, our team enjoyed seeing all of the tangible progress. Vendors showcased the impressive results of years of R&D in 5G in one space. For ADRF, we displayed some of our upcoming 5G products including ADXV distributed antenna system (DAS) with 900 MHz and C-band modules, as well as mmWave and C-band repeater solutions.  

As we near year’s end, ADRF is excited to continue the strong momentum alongside partners and customers at in-person events in 2022. It’s rewarding to be part of the wireless industry, which kept the world connected during the pandemic, so we can get back to connecting in person too.

Check out the video footage from MWC LA.