August 27, 2019

Celebrating 20 Years in the Wireless Industry

Since we began in 1999, we have experienced wireless communications evolve from the early uses of the first-generation cellular to what we know today. We are a company that provides connections, but those connections have taken on an increasingly important meaning to the world’s economic and social growth.

Networks no longer only provide basic calls, now 80% of connections are happening in-buildings and cell phone users have access to fast speeds to surf the web, send texts, play mobile games, and so much more at the palm of their hands. Companies and citizens have transitioned from treating wireless connectivity as an afterthought to a necessity, understanding it is a conduit for just about everything we value in the modern era. This evolution was not possible without proper in-building infrastructure.

To support this vastly changing industry throughout the years, ADRF had to adapt and put out a series of solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We have worked hard to innovate in the industry alongside the nation’s major carriers to expand wireless coverage and capacity for thousands of buildings. Our success is rooted in our employees’ passion for working with carriers and building owners to create products for the ever-changing wireless ecosystem.

From our first products only supporting a single band with 1G to our newer products supporting multiple bands with 4G and 5G, our wireless solutions have changed for the better. As such, our products have become more modular to help our customers prepare for the future as the industry becomes more diverse. While our products have changed over the years, our strong commitment to offer and make the most in-building connections have remained the same.

Looking back, we have provided connectivity for many venues ranging from large music festivals, such as Coachella, sports venues like the Kauffman Stadium, and large high-end mixed-use developments such as New York’s Hudson Yards. However, none of this would have been possible without our partners and system integrators, who rely on us and our products for large scale implementations.

Throughout the years, we have also had the opportunity to attend many shows and meet a variety of people as the wireless industry became the foundation for so many new technologies and innovations, such as IoT, smart cities, and businesses layering new customer-centric digital services. Our team has had the chance to attend and speak and share our thought leadership at events such as Mobile World Congress America, IWCE, NEDAS, DASPedia, Safer Buildings Coalitions, IoT Evolution, and so much more.

We’ve come a long way in the past 20 years and we are excited about what the future of wireless will bring for us and all cellular users with the coming age of 5G. The wireless industry is the centerpiece for the wave of innovation we see across all industries and ADRF intends to continue making the connections necessary to meet these evolving needs.

ADRF Team Building Day at Universal Studios Hollywood

1999-2019 “20 Years of Improving Wireless Networks”