March 7, 2020

ADRF Celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8th)

Admiring Dedicated, Remarkable Females

International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a global day to celebrate and appreciate the social, economic, cultural and political accomplishments of women.  We greatly appreciate our women in wireless at ADRF and we asked them to share some of their experiences, advice and other women who have greatly influenced their lives and hopefully influence yours.


Julie Song (President)

Q: What advice would you give to younger women just starting out in the industry?

A: “Working with younger generation of workforce is revitalizing as many of them are ambitious and energetic and bring boundless fresh ideas to the company. They are definitely valuable members of the group. One piece of advice I would like to give to them is be open-minded and always be willing to learn. We have many young workers at ADRF, and a lot of young people will come in with lofty goals. But success takes a lot of hard work and does not happen overnight. They will stay on a track to a successful career if they are open to constructive feedback and acknowledge that there is so much to learn. I have been in the industry for 14 years and still feel there is so much to learn every day.”


Seri Yoon (Marketing Director)

Q: “What are your thoughts about the role of women in the industry, especially in jobs that have traditionally been dominated by men? Do you see more doors opening for women in the industry?”

A: “I think the disadvantage of being a minority in a group is failures and mistakes stand out more. On the other hand, hard work and good talents will draw more attention and has more visibility as well. Telecommunication industry has been dominated by male workforce traditionally, but as more companies choose to create cultures promoting diversity and gender equality there is a growing number of female leaders now than before both in the technical and non-technical fields in the wireless industry. Many female leaders have proven their talents to run a success business and this paradigm in the ecosystem will open door for more career opportunities and support for women.”


Shannon Lee (Inside Sales Manager)

Q: “What woman inspires you and why?”

A: “There are two remarkable ladies that come to mind.  I personally think that Hedy Lamarr who played a key role in the invention of wireless communication is one of my greatest heroines in wireless.  She was a beautiful Hollywood Star by day and an inventor of frequency-hopping communication by night.  I really love her story and Grace Hopper who was heavily involved with the Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL) was a big influence to me as well.  She was an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral.”


Amber Garstka (Inside Sales, East Territory)

Q: “What advice would you give to young women just starting out in the Industry?”

A: “A few words of advice for women starting off in this industry. Find a mentor and soak up all the knowledge you possible can. Ask them questions, talk with them about your career and growth, and lean on them for advice when your facing a complex problem. Be open minded and always willing to learn. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion in your own company, and take a leadership role amongst an industry dominated by men. Be confident and help pave the way for future generations of women in the tech industry. They are looking to us to inspire them to join the industry.”


Bea Boy (Sales & Marketing Assistant)

Q: “What woman inspires you and why?”

A: “My aunt is singlehandedly the most inspiring woman in my life. She’s a lady with a sharp tongue and a lot of tough love, but she was the person to guide me through the first several (confusing!) years of my career. She taught me how to make practical decisions, how to produce the best and high-quality work, and most importantly, how to stand up for myself. Such skills are vital for women of any industry, telecommunications included. The lessons that my aunt imparted on me, to forge connections with the world and with those around me, are lessons that I keep close to my heart.”


Lara Naaman (Sales & Marketing Assistant)

Q: “What woman inspires you and why?”

A: “My mom is my biggest inspiration. She has been a pillar of strength to my siblings and I growing up. She is the strongest woman I know yet so caring and understanding. She lost her mother at such a young age to cancer and cared for her four other siblings while her father worked so she has taught me to be patient, considerate, and strong. I have taken everything she has taught me over the years and have applied it in many situations, most importantly professionally.  The relationship we have is one I cherish and wish to have with my kids one day.”

ADRF is also certified for Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)