December 23, 2016

We work hard to play hard!

During this year’s on-site event ADRF veteran colleagues had the opportunity to meet with new members who joined the ADRF team earlier this year. It was a great opportunity to bond and collectively participate in The Escape Room extravaganza and the first time ever ADRF mannequin challenge!

(Clockwise) Northeast Team, West Coast Team, Southeast Team, Central Team. Bragging rights may be given to the…SE & West Coast Team!


At our company dinner, attending employees included their guests to join in on the fun! Enjoy our Mannequin challenge:


This year has been challenging to us here at ADRF and it has opened up new opportunities to further our company’s success! We had a new product launch of ADX V, and public safety repeaters, as well as an improvement in company culture and team spirit! We have implemented new strategies to better organize our regions and inside sales to bring a unity to the whole. We look forward to continue to work hard in communicating the best RF solutions in the game! Thank you for your business in 2016 and we look forward to continue growing our partnerships in 2017.

Cheers to the new year!