January 28, 2016

Verizon In-Building Technology Users Forum (IBTUF) X

The months leading up to one of the most anticipated events of the year seem to have passed by within a blink of an eye. The event? Even more so. ADRF has been a proud sponsor of the IBTUF events since its inception 10 years ago and this year was no exception. To commemorate IBTUF’s milestone, the ADRF team worked tirelessly to unveil the much anticipated Next Generation DAS platform, ADX V. Read all about it here. ADRF was invited, for the second year in a row, to provide an in-depth training on various topics such as ADX Commissioning, DAS alarm troubleshooting techniques, performance validation, noise floor, EVM, and system optimization. Send us an email for the training guide if you missed our training session!

This year was by far one of the most successful and rewarding events as Verizon Wireless publicly announced ADRF as one of their primary DAS vendors (full story here).






ADRF Technical Support and DAS Engineering providing training in room #400


We are ready for IBTUF X!


The latest and greatest ADX V

Alas, IBTUF is not only about sitting through hours of training and visiting different vendors’ booths. Networking and building relationships with industry professionals who share a common interest or dare I say– love for the industry is truly at the heart of what this event is all about. Familiar faces and competitors coming together to improve the quality of the connected world we live in. Solving the problem one puzzle (or in this case, one Jenga) at a time.


Sun Kim working his brain

IMG_3612 image4 image2

If you missed our VIP dinners this year, make sure to sign up early for next year’s events! And thank you to all who joined us on Tuesday and Wednesday night!