November 17, 2016

Stadiums need DAS

stadium das

SmallCells in stadium, hang on and sit your DAS down.  The big stir now is WSPs getting away from DAS but is it really the right thing to do.  Our thought is that SmallCells, C-RAN and D-RAN all have a place in the toolbox but DAS has not gone away nor will it as long as there are big venues out there and technologies keep changing, 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 600 MHz just to name a few.


In our humble opinion, a distributed fiber antenna system is still the way to wire up big venues such as stadiums.  SmallCells are low power and currently single carrier so to accomplish a stadium build out you would need a lot of SmallCells.  Check with the local stadium owners and see if they are aesthetically fitting with more than necessary antenna points.  And C-RAN architecture, yeah you have the power and the ability to take care of one WSP but that equipment is currently bulky and again aesthetically unpleasing.  We believe that SmallCells and other evolving broadcast are relevant and can be used but DAS hasn’t gone away and should still be considered for large venues builds and where neutral host is a request.

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