May 19, 2016

IWPC 2016

In preparation for delivery of 5G services for the 2018 Winter Olympics, KT Telecom hosted IWPC members in Seoul to explore innovation and advances in network infrastructure and user equipment. Specific use cases are emerging as candidates for early prioritization, including enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communications and ultra-reliable/low latency communications. As standards for 5G will be in the melting pot for some time, this workshop provided an opportunity to assess initial technology drivers as well as maturity and timing of prospective 5G technology.

ADRF’s COO, Arnold Kim, was invited to present on the OEM Vendor Perspectives track highlighting DAS’s Evolution for IoT in the 5G. The audience got an in-depth look at the various funding models for a DAS system, examples of real-life DAS deployments, and how DAS has evolved over the years.



Hologram Concert Series Gangnam Style!


Hologram Concert Series! How cool is that?