June 7, 2018

In-Building Solutions Supporting CBRS and LAA Bands

‘Making An Effortless Spectrum Shift From Fiber Optics To Total Wireless’

In-building connectivity is often challenging, with issues such as BYOD increasing network costs and coverage requirements. With typical wireless towers able to shoulder a limited number of connections from a location, enterprises and businesses have to make do with what is offered or take proactive steps to provide reliable, blanket connectivity to employees.

Two potential solutions to this problem arrived with the introduction of the LTE-Unlicensed spectrum and the creation of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and the Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) bands. These bands can be utilized to keep enterprise employees more connected in the office.  

ADRF has been at the forefront of providing innovative in-building solutions that support 600MHz, 700MHz, and 2.5GHz bands. To meet the needs of our most forward-thinking clients, ADRF recently launched the DAS hardware to deliver in-building solutions that take advantage of the LAA and CBRS bands. We developed these original solutions in order to ensure we continue to provide the most advanced wireless solutions for enterprises, as well as foster future opportunities and inroads with carriers and commercial real estate developers and owners.

These bands vary in strengths and abilities. The CBRS band formulates a wide array of possibilities for enterprises, industrial IoT, and densely populated venues, significantly lowering the barrier to deploying network coverage reinforcement. This 3.5 GHz band has a 3-tier foundation and band assignment by the Spectrum Allocation Server (SAS) for the fair coexistence of users. These tiers create opportunities for smaller businesses to deploy their own private networks. This is possible through either paying a fee to request up to four priority access licenses (PALs) for three years within a limited area or through using flexible access given to the largest group of potential users with general authorized access (GAA).


On the other hand, LAA, a 5 GHz band, can be used to allocate and boost downlink speeds. Similar to CBRS’s SAS, Listen-Before-Talk (LBT), an essential and mandatory protocol of LAA, allows WiFi and LTE systems to share the unlicensed band with the aid of LTE base stations. These stations offer the ability to listen in and observe open channels for a fair coexistence of each system and its users. Additionally, its shorter frequency is perfect for storing and transmitting more data. This makes the LAA band a potentially perfect addition to any office space.

While not yet regulated, these bands can be optimized to increase availability of LTE, serving multiple subscribers across various service providers by offloading capacity and extending indoor coverage, Their free decentralized model also invites smaller companies to set up their own connections, giving them the independence to control data and coverage, and giving them significant value for enterprises looking to keep their employees connected.

To learn more about our LAA or CBRS solutions, please contact marketing@adrftech.com.