January 11, 2018

Adios 2017 and Bonjour 2018

December was ADRF’s favorite time of year again! Our annual End of Year Onsite, which took place at our headquarters in Burbank CA. The ADRF family has certainly grown since our mid-year onsite back in the summer of June 2017. This time around we had a crowded office with a new group ready to expand ADRF’s name in the industry. We recently opened up the new collective positon of Business Development, with newcomers including Alex Pairol who will be drumming up new business in the central region and John Shubin who will be storming through in the west coast!

The week long event was packed with meetings and each department presented 2017 performance recaps as well as goals and approaches for 2018. Our marketing strategy meeting introduced our new partnership with Fusion PR and presented exciting new goals and plans for 2018. We also had our yearly reviews which help commemorate all of our teams individual hard work leading up to the end of year.

Although 2017 was a challenging year for many companies in the wireless industry, our new products for the public safety market and everyone’s great deal of efforts and endurance allowed us to turn it in to a rewarding year. We are confident that 2018 is going to be an even better year for ADRF!

As the week progressed the regional groups were encouraged to spend time to reconnect and regroup. We dressed up and had our holiday dinner at Ford’s Filling Station Private Dining Room at the JW Marriott hotel in Los Angeles. We wined and dined which was definitely well deserved and we all looked quite dashing! We certainly work hard and play hard. Don’t believe us – look here: